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Sparklebox Educational Games | Math Activity Kit for kids | kids Age 3-4 Years | Fun Learning Games for kids with 14 Items and 12 Concepts Learning

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Keep your kids engaged in learning with Sparkelbox's creative maths games. This conceptual maths kit for kids provides excellent and efficient learning opportunities. Maths educational toys help kids understand the concepts of the subject in a fun manner. These educational maths toys will help them enhance their cognitive skills, motor skills, creativity, imagination, observation skills, and logical reasoning. Curated by experts, this maths learning kit is for kids of the age group 3-4 years. Aimed at fun learning, this educational maths kit includes activities related to the following concepts- counting numbers, number bonds, even and odd numbers, comparing numbers, and addition. The Maths activity kit includes learning tools to practice with every math concept like counting numbers, number bonds, even and odd numbers, comparing numbers, addition, identify patterns, identify shapes, sorting by color and shapes. The maths activity kit includes a set of Numicons, a set Cuisenaire strips, tens frames, sets number and sign cards, color & ones spinners, the shape of the day template, number sense template, number of the day template, who has more template, color race template, etc.


The educational numerical puzzles kit comes with a detailed manual and also features QR codes for each activity that will lead to explanatory videos. Make learning fun with the creative maths games!


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