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Sparklebox DIY Smart Ecosystems Kit || Ideal gift for age 11 and above || Robotics toys || Hands on learning.

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Description of product

A DIY Smart Ecosystem Kit for children to make various innovative projects like smart dustbin, home automation etc. by making simple connections. Children can enjoy their time with ultrasonic sensors, Bluetooth module, Servo motor and LCDs. It makes them feel happy and proud for making amazing projects, helps in improving their academic performance as well as confidence thereby they get great interest in technology, electronics, robotics and circuits. 1xMicrocontroller board 1xUSB cable 2xLEDs 1xDC Motor 1xpropeller 1xBattery 9V 1xBattery cap with power jack 1xUltrasonic sensor 1xServo 1x16x2 LCD with I2C 1xBluetooth 30xJumperwires 10xDouble sided tapes 3xCardboard models


TypeSmart Ecosystem
Country of OriginIndia

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