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Sparklebox DIY Robotics Kit | Grade 4 | 21 Experiments | For kids of Age 9 years and above| Stem Educational Science Project Learning Kit.

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STEAM Creator Kit for Grade 4 has activities related to concepts of Simple machines, hydraulics, basic of robotics, world of magnets, Energy conversion and Block based programming and motors. Basics of aeromodelling and simple activities. 5xRing Magnets 5xChopsticks 2xRubber brand 1xPencil 1xAluminium sticker 1xButton cell - 3V 1xFan (Propeller) 1xDC motor 8xLED s 4xSingle strand wire(10cm cut piece) 2xbattery 9v 2x9v battery cap 2xResistor(220 E/330E) 1xRocker Switch(ON/OFF) 1xTwo way tissue tape 3xStraws 1xDiode(IN4001/IN4007) 1xBuzzer 1x Microcontroller + Cable 1x Half size Breadboard 20x Jumper Wires-10cm(M-M) 1xOTG Cable 1xSmall Screwdriver 1xCastor Wheel 1xMotor Driver 2xBO motor (T-Shape) 2xBO-motor wheels(yellow) 1xCar chassis 6xNut and bolts 4xSyringe - Big (10ml) 2xSyringe - Small (5 ml) 3xSyringe Pipe 20xTooth picks 9xCable tie 1xHydraulic arm foam base 1xHydraulic arm parts 1xWindmill CUT OUT 1xVertical Magnetic Levitation base 10xOrigami papers 1xFoam plane


TypeRobotics Kit Grade 4
Country of OriginIndia

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