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Sparklebox DIY Robotic Kit |Grade 6 | 21 Experiments | STEM based Learning For kids of Age 11 years and above | Best Robotic Kit for Science Projects.

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STEAM Creator Kit for Grade 6 has activities related to fun-learning using concepts of basic electronics, programming the microcontroller Sensors like IR Sensor, Flame Sensor, LDR Sensor, Ultrasonic Sensor, Soil Moisture Sensor and actuators like Servo motor. Children learn about Parts of Aircrafts, Forces acting on an aircraft, how do Aeroplanes fly and build model aircrafts. 1x Microcontroller + Cable 1x9V battery 1x9V battery cap 30xJumper wires 1xHalf Breadboard 8xLEDs 2xPushbuttons 1xBuzzer 6xResistor(220 E/330E) 1xPotentiometer(10k) 1xTwo way tissue tape 1xservo 1xUltrasonic sensor 1xIR sensor 1xLDR sensor 1xFlame sensor 1xSoil Moisture sensor 2xTollgate parts 2xDoor activity parts 1xOrigami papers 1xFoam plane


TypeRobotics Kit Grade 6
Country of OriginIndia

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