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Sparklebox DIY EduSTEM-3 Kit | 10 Experiments | Ideal Gift for Kids of Age 10 Years and Above | Modular Electronic Circuits | Compatible with Arduino

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Description of product

EDU STEM-3 electronics kit has activities related to power sources, basic electricity, different types of power generation and its applications. It contains a manual that explains how to execute the projects step by step with the components included in the kit. This Kit is for children who want to experiment, test, and design circuits and projects on their own. It also contains a circuit designing guide, which actually teaches the child to design his/her own circuits. 1xBreadboard 1xBattery 9V 1xBattery cap 20xconnecting wires 1xSpeaker 1xResistors(different values) 2xCapacitors(different values) 16xLEDs 9xTansistors 2xRGB LED 4xLDR 2x7404 IC 2x4026 IC 2xTimer IC 2xUM66 IC 1x4017 IC 1xBuzzer 2xVariable resistors(POT) 4xDiode 3xPushbutttons 2xCondenser MIC 1xSeven Segment Display


TypeEduSTEM 3
Country of OriginIndia

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