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Sparklebox DIY EduSTEM-1 Kit | 10 Experiments| Ideal for Age 10 Years and Above | Modular Electronic Circuits | Compatible with Arduino

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Description of product

EDU STEM-1 electronics kit has activities related to power sources, basic electricity, different types of power generation and its applications. It contains an easy-to-understand guide that explains how to execute the projects step-by-step with the components included in the kit. This kit is for children who want to experiment, test, and design circuits and projects on their own. It also contains a circuit designing guide, which actually teaches the child to design his/her own circuits. Get ready to experiment! 1xBreadboard 1xBattery 9V 1xBattery cap 20xconnecting wires 1xSpeaker 1xResistors(different values) 2xCapacitors(different values) 16xLEDs 16xTansistors 4xLDR 2xTimer IC 1x4017 IC 2xVariable resistors(POT) 4xDiode

"Easy-to-build robot cars with sensors to control actuators.Fun and engaging activity involving coding to build DIY robots.
Hands-on experience in building the light following robot.
No soldering required, appropriate for age 10 years and above.
Engaging educational kit for young explorers."


Type EduSTEM 1
Brand Sparklebox
Country of Origin India
Subject Robotics
Brand Sparklebox

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