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Sparklebox DIY Aeromodelling Kit | Grade 7 | 8 Experiments | Ideal Gift for Kids of Age 11 Years and Above.

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Description of product

The Aeromodelling DIY Kit has activities related to basics of aeromodelling, parts of an aircraft, different types of planes and their applications. It contains an easy-to-understand manual that explains how to build the project with the given materials. This kit is for children who want to experiment, test, and design practical gliders and aeromodelling projects on their own. It also contains an aircraft designing guide, which teaches the child to design their own real-time gliders using various materials. 10xOrigami Papers 1xCellotape 2xBamboo copter 1xClay 1xDepron sheet(A4 size) 1xCutter 1xChopstick 1xscale

"Easy-to-build robot cars with sensors to control actuators.
Fun and engaging activity involving coding to build DIY robots.
Hands-on experience in building 5 different types of project models.
No soldering required, appropriate for age 9 years and above.
Engaging and fun learning educational kit for young explorers."


Type Aeromodelling DIY Kit
Brand Sparklebox
Country of Origin India
Subject Robotics
Brand Sparklebox

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