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Seed Pencils Eco Friendly Plantable Writing Pencil with Pouch - Birthday Return Gift - Set of 10

₹599   (50% OFF)

  • Blue with silver stars on a canvas pouch with 10 Plantable Pencils

Description of product

✔ PLANTS FROM PENCILS?  Write Draw Doodle till the Stub is left with your  Certified Extra Dark 2B Lead Graphite   darker and much more smooth writing as compared to normal pencil ★ Followed Plant it -  Nurture it -  Watch it grow★
✔ SEED / BIODEGRADABLE / NON TOXIC PENCILS is a complete win-win usable Eco-friendly stationery  products not only inculcate gardening skills also inspires to write ★ Introduce green habits among children ★ Contains edible colors and chemical free in the body of the pencil, so it is safe if your child to use  ★ The capsule used in the pencil is also edible and biodegradable ★
✔ A PENCIL SEED HERBS & FLOWERS  - The seed pencil set contains 10 plants variants Spinach Mustard Tomato Onion Fenugreek Sunflower Beans Marigold Basil Coriander ★ It can be planted at home, at the office, or in the classroom ★The high quality seeds are used enabling quick germination ★
✔ A PERFECT DIY GIFT Perfect earthy Christmas gift and new year gift - A multipurpose Pouch ★ This seed pencil required for office staff, Architects, Students, Kids,and all people who cares about the environment ★Great option for return gifts! ★ A lovely way to do something to save the world and the trees
✔ CONTRIBUTE SUSTAINABILITY   ★ Plant it and watch it grow into fragrant herbs, luscious flowers or even fresh vegetables ★ Push the end of the pencil into soil ★ Water it and place it in the sun ★ After 1-2 days remove the stub ★ Once the seeds germinate ★ Look This is a great way to teach your children the importance of nature, the seed germinates in 7-10 days.


Country of Origin India
Brand The Green Chapter
Colour Multi Colour
Material Seed pencils
Pack of 10
Brand The Green Chapter

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