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Ruskin Bond - Tales from the Childhood

ISBN: 9788131948569
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Story 1 Mukesh and his friends decide to start a zoo. The laundryman's donkey, a bunny, a pet parrot and dog become creatures of display at the little zoo. What adventures and misadventures are in store for the zoo and its owners? Story 2 Nathu, the bank's sweeper-boy, is upset over not being paid for two months, whines th hi friend. Whispers follow and soon the whole town thinks the bank is bankrupt! How did Nathu's worries turn into the bank being shut forever? Story 3 Romi hires a young Hari Singh to be his cook and companion. But Hari is upto no good. Will Hari ever learn the real meaning of loyalty, love and trust? These three funny, heart-warming stories capture the pure hilarious innocence of childhood and the lessons we take from them in these wonderfully illustrated stories from India's mountainous countryside.


Age Group 7 - 12 Years
Author Name Pegasus
Publisher Pegasus Books
Pages 64
Language English
Format Paperback Book
Country of origin India
Brand Pegasus

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