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Problems in General Physics

ISBN: 9789385966590
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MTG’s ORIGINAL MASPTERPIECE is a series of collection of books that started their journey as best sellers and continue as a chart-topper generation after generation. Even today these books are considered as a masterpiece among the teachers and students fraternity which is passionate about the subject. The USP of MTG’s ORIGINAL MASTERPIECE Series lies in the fact that the work has been reproduced from the Original artifact and remains as true to the original work as possible. This textbook on mathematical analysis is based on many years’ experience of lecturing at a higher technical college. Its aim is to train the students in active approach to mathematical exercises, as is done at a seminar. The best part is that attention is given to problems improving the theoretical background. Therefore standard computational exercises are supplemented by examples and problems explaining the theory, promoting its deeper understanding and stimulating precise mathematical thinking. Some counter-examples explaining the need for certain conditions in the formulation of basic theorems are also included. The book is designed along the following lines. Each section opens with a concise theoretical introduction containing the principal definitions, theorems and formulas. Then follows a detailed solution of one or more typical problems. Finally, problems without solution are given, which are similar to those solved but contain certain peculiarities. Some of them are provided with hints. Each chapter closes with a separate section of supplementary problems and questions aimed at reviewing and extending the material of the chapter. These sections should prove of interest to the inquiring student, and possibly also to lecturers in selecting material for class work or seminars. The full solutions are provided to help students reaching the right answer systematically. The student will find the book most useful if he uses it actively, that is to say, if he studies the relevant theoretical material carefully before going on to the worked-out solutions, and finally reinforces the newly-acquired knowledge by solving the problems given for independent work. The best results will be obtained when the student, having mastered the theoretical part, immediately attacks the unsolved problems without referring to the text solutions unless in difficulty.


Subject mathematics
Language English
Country of Origin India
Board CBSE
No of Page 436
Author Name MTG Editorial Board
Publisher MTG Learning Media Pvt Ltd
Binding Paperback
Edition 2016
Brand MTG Publication Books

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