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Plane Trigonometry Part-1

ISBN: 9789385966545
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MTG’s ORIGINAL MASPTERPIECE is a series of collection of books that started their journey as best sellers and continue as a chart-topper generation after generation. Even today these books are considered as a masterpiece among the teachers and students fraternity which is passionate about the subject. The USP of MTG’s ORIGINAL MASTERPIECE Series lies in the fact that the work has been reproduced from the Original artifact and remains as true to the original work as possible. This book is a fairly complete elementary text-book on Plane Trigonometry, suitable for inter-college, secondary Schools and the Pass and Honours classes of Universities. In this book Trigonometry is presented in as simple way as it can be. As Trigonometry consists largely of formulae and the applications thereof, a list of the principal formulae which the student should commit to memory are given in the starting. More important formulae are distinguished in the text by changing the formatting attributes. This books starts with an excellent theory in trigonometry from the ground level, starting from measuring the angles. The concepts are explained directly and clearly. The books is divided in to 21 chapters. Each chapter is having basic concepts, preliminary level questions, followed by higher level questions marked by Asterisk. Hence, a selection only should be solved by the student on a first reading. Additionally, during first reading the articles marked with an asterisk should be omitted. Unsolved exercises at the end help in proper revision and checking the grasp on the topic. JEE Aspirants should read this book to have a good grasp on trigonometry which is useful in other topics like coordinate geometry, calculus, vector algebra etc. This book is the most reliable source of trigonometry even today.


Class 11
Subject mathematics
Language English
Country of Origin India
Board CBSE
No of Page 312
Publisher MTG Learning Media Pvt Ltd
Binding Paperback
Edition 2016
Brand MTG Publication Books

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