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Oswaal CBSE One for All, English Lang. & Lit., Class 9 (For 2022 Exam)

ISBN: 9789354239670

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Description of product

Oswaal Books latest offering ONE for ALL is going to break down the actual studying strategies for success and empower the students with the 5 E’s of Learning-
• Engage- Introduce interesting content enabling better assimilation of concepts
• Explore- Provide meaningful insights into various typologies and methodologies for effective exam preparation
• Explain- Give better clarification for concepts and theories
• Elaborate- Complement studying with ample examples and Oswaal exam tools
• Evaluate- Conclude with Effective self-assessment tools
Oswaal ONE for ALL, as the name suggests is an All in One package for Class 10. for Excellence. It recognizes the need of students to not only get exam oriented study material for success but also to save time and energy by having all the content in one place, thus an All in One package for Class 9.


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