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Math Activity Class 7

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IDaa CDs are completely mapped to the NCERT curriculum following the CBSE board. Which can be conveniently adapted to any state curriculum in India. The CDs contain all the aspects of each topic in detail by textual explanation, experiments, and relevant diagrams with clear and simple audio.

List of Chapters Covered-

Multiplying & dividing integers
Multiplying two fractions
Solving linear equations
Making of various kinds of angles, using Meccano rods
Demonstrating that the centroid of a triangle always li
The orthocenter of a triangle may or may not lie in the
Verify that an exterior angle of a triangle is equal to
Verifying Pythagoras Property
Making bar graphs and interpreting them
Representing rational numbers on the number line
Finding the order of rotational symmetry


Class 7
Subject Mathematics
Language English
Country of Origin India
Board CBSE

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