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Math Activity Class 2

Math Activity Class 2


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IDaa CDs are completely mapped to the NCERT curriculum following the CBSE board. Which can be conveniently adapted to any state curriculum in India. The CDs contain all the aspects of each topic in detail by textual explanation, experiments, and relevant diagrams with clear and simple audio.

List of Chapters Covered-

Writing and representing 2– digit numbers, using unit cube–rods and unit cubes; and vice versa
Writing and representing 3– digit numbers, using 100 rupee notes, 10–rupee notes, and 1–rupee coins
Adding two numbers of 1 or 2 –digits each (sum does not exceed 100), using 10 × 10 number grid
Subtracting a number from another number (The greater number does not exceed 99), using 10 × 10 number
Representing 2–digit and 3–digit numbers on an abacus
Forming and representing the greatest and the smallest 3–digit numbers with given digits, on an abacus
Finding the product of two 1– digit numbers, using sticks/straws.
Making amounts of money with notes and coins (50 and 25 only) and vice versa.
Arranging given numbers in ascending and descending orders.
Reading time from clocks ( in hours and half hours), and arranging two hands to show given time
Making magic triangles with nine numbers 1 to 9 12. Estimating the length of an object (in complete centimeters), and verifying it.


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