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Live Your Life the Noble Way

Live Your Life the Noble Way

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Why not let the new fairy tales depict princesses with courage, intelligence and powers, and not merely as beautiful damsels in distress? It is our responsibility to set this truth in the subconscious minds of children. The same goes for the boys too who need to be told stories crafted on values, suaveness, and not just bravery and heroism. This will help in building a better environment for the upbringing of children. Remember, these are not just stories; they are an inheritance. iNTELLYJELLY is committed to sensitizing its readers to this modern outlook.


Author nameAnju Gupta, Chinmaya Sinha Farhan, Musavi Pallavi Chaudhri, Tripathi Ishmeet Kaur
Country of OriginIndia
CategoryMagazine and Books

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