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Dadaji- The real hero

Dadaji- The real hero

ISBN: 978-93-87463-33-2

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We, at iNTELLYJELLY, believe that superheroes are real; they live around us and are very much within our reach. No, they don’t wear a cape, nor do they fly through the sky. But, they are as incredible as Hulk; as powerful as Superman; as daring as Batman; and as smart as Ironman. In this books, Arjun’s challenges are solved with his grandfather’s guidance. His Dadaji is the cape-less, silver-haired superhero in his life. This series not only bridges the generation gap but also develops intuitive communication between them.


Author name1. Penny 2. Kanika Gautam 3.Sana Rizwan 4. Sonali Kaur 5. Kriti Gulati
Country of OriginIndia
CategoryMagazine and Books

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