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Curious Minds

Curious Minds

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Science has proved that a healthy, happy child’s mind is filled with many Why-s, What-s and How-s. Science complements natural inquisitiveness of children and helps answer their questions, well, most of the times. The more answers a kid gets, the more their inquisitiveness is whet. We, as parents and guardians, have to understand that their questions are results of not only their attention to their surroundings, but also what seems like their infinite curiosity. The tendency to raise questions is possibly the best gift which one generation offers to the other. We, at iNTELLYJELLY, offer explanations that are cognitively designed to answer the questions and help kids raise more of them.


Author nameChinmaya Sinha, Farhan Musavi, Anju Gupta Pallavi Choudhary Tripathi, Dipali Chaddha
Country of OriginIndia
CategoryMagazine and Books

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